Maintenance and Support

Tekanalysts excels in services. And we don’t just stop there. We believe in building relationships rather than just one-time gigs.
That is why our maintenance and support section caters to our client’s services.
Whatever services we deal with, we make it a point to deliver non-stop support and maintenance along with that.
In our quest to the a comprehensive digital marketing firm, we provide in-depth support and maintenance way beyond the general time line.


A software is created in a life cycle in a certain period of time. This means that to be future-ready, we have to make is scalable in architecture in order for it to support any future changes in the digital realm. But unfortunately, our industry moves too fast. Most of the manufacturers, do not pay attention to support.

  • Custom Software Updates/Upgrades

  • Mobile Apps Upgrades to New Platfroms/ OS Versions

  • Website Upgrades with Changes to WordPress versions etc.

To control business overhead costs, most of the companies do not re-invest in their software. Instead, they want their software to keep performing in the changing IT environment. This means that regular updates to the software are required in order for them to meet the new environment guidelines and architecture. We provide regular updates to our services and products, making our clients better manage the changing trends of the industry.



Services always move out of test bed phase and into the real world. So, there are bound to be challenges in the practical working environment. All our services are supported comprehensively. So, when you implement your new software or mobile application in the real world and encounter a challenge, we are there to sort it out.

  • Coding issues

  • Implementation Issues

  • Employee Training

  • Scalability issues

  • Software Architecture Shifting



In this fast and dynamic web environment, maintenance takes a back seat. But not with us. Tekanalysts knows the importance of timely maintenance. When updates are implemented on time, the risk of services outages decreases significantly. Our team keeps on discovering new solutions and implements them beforehand to ensure that maintenance runs its course. Potential problems are eliminated even before they turn severe.

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Maintenance Schedule

  • Work logs generated & shared


Ongoing Support for Long-Term Stability

Tekanalysts works with long term stability in mind. Whether its a small startup or a large enterprise, we work with one goal in mind – long term stability. And that comes with delivering ongoing support. Nothing works better when you know someone is there to solve anything that can pose a problem.
Contact us for Support and Maintenance services.