Custom Software DevelopmenT

Still struggling with lots of paperwork and missed deadlines?

Still frustrated with readymade softwares that only offer useless features that you don’t need?

We provide customized software.
At Tekanalysts, we understand that every business is unique, its services and processes are unique and so are its people.
Custom software is the solution to your management problems.

Build On Your Processes And Not The Other Way Around. We Specialize In Customized Software Development:

  • Custom software applications

  • Custom programming

  • Intranet/Internet Software

  • Database design

  • Client-server software applications

  • And more…


We maintain the highest quality standards from the conceptual stage to the final development and release stage. The vision of our custom software development services is to effectively convert your real world processes into digital software. The end result? A software that’s tailored to your business’s specifications and does exactly what you need it to do. Regular communication ensures that you are always in the loop. Now that’s “custom” in its true sense.


Our software developers undertake a comprehensive software development lifecycle from start to finish. We take responsibility for analysis, requirements, design, architecture, implementation and the final testing of the software.

  • Plan – Tekanalysts have worked in many industries and have the expertise and experience in various domains. We undertake the planning stage with business process automation, industry vertical process and change management. We recommend appropriate technologies for objective fulfillment.

  • Build – The software manufacturing stage is a comprehensive realm for multiple solutions. Our custom software development, architecture, independent testing, integration and implementation deliver scalable and flexible architecture in line with a client’s business goals.

  • Manage – Post manufacturing, we provide full support and maintenance for the bespoke custom software applications. All through its life cycle, the software adheres to strict quality standards and multiple device integration. We provide cost-effective post-implementation management.


Phases of Custom Software Development Process

  • Market Evaluation

  • Appropriate and relevant technology selection

  • Critical requirement analysis

  • Designing planning

  • Development of Implementation plan

  • Quality Testing

  • Implementation at Desired Platform

  • Post-Implementation Maintenance and Support


We Provide Software in:

  • C++ Programming

  • PHP Online Projects

  • Java Programming

  • UNIX/Linux

  • Database design and consulting

  • Embedded software development

  • Application re-engineering


Tekanalysts has extensive experience in the custom software development sector for various industries. We stand out amongst the numerous software development companies in the GTA because we understand that every business has different needs and requirements. We wish to fulfill these requirements and meet your quality standards digitally.
When nothing but a custom software will do, Call Tekanalysts.