E-Learning Solutions

Our e-learning solutions cater to a wide range of industries ranging from classroom coaching to enterprise certification programs.
We drive organizational performance with potent e-learning services that improve your employee performance and help drive ROI.
If you’re under pressure to increase your employee efficiency. There’s no better way than teaching new skills.
We help you implement new technologies with much better e-learning solutions covering every aspect of the corporate ladder and performance benchmarks. Contact us for custom e-Learning solutions.

Blending Innovation and Technology

Tekanalysts fuse together the latest in digital technology with innovative strategies that bring e-learning at par with physical classroom sessions. Flexible resourcing models are able to meet your organization’s performance goals quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to expand your staff with new talent. Transform your current staff to enable better technology implementation in line with current trends.

Tekanalysts – Your Single Expert Partner

Our e-learning solutions have proven expertise in many different industries. Our e-learning platforms and lifecycles are superior and deliver results.

  • Online learning strategy, analysis and planning
  • Content development

  • On-demand workforce resourcing

  • Architecture of Technology and its implementation

  • Content redesign and digitization

  • Learning on mobile platform and deployment

  • Management and administration services

  • Back-end support and maintenance


Unmatched Expertise

Cutting-edge technology and a competent tech team are the hallmarks of Tekanalysts elearning solutions department. We use interactive labs, scenario-based simulations and online social learning portals to design interactive material for stimulating a learning experience. You are sure to satisfy your learners with our potent solutions.


We specialize in redesign and conversion of your current teaching services and training material. The end result is a digitized and improved version of your trusted training sessions. We migrate your content onto high-performance channels to deliver an e-learning experience on any device or platform. Real time updates and on-demand contents access further improves the learning experience leaps and bounds. The scalable nature of our products make sure they can be adopted to future technologies easily. These are long-term price benefits that you get today.


Our team aims to create products that can be measured on standard benchmark learning platforms. Everything we design can be measured and benchmarked in metrics. This allows you to rate your e-learning solutions with the best in the industry today. Naturally, you can save costs and set new standards in terms of content quality.


Your Partner in the global eLearning Solutions

Tekanalysts handle everything from the planning and designing to the final implementation and support. We are our client’s biggest support in this global e-learning marketplace. The idea is to create a one-stop solution for clients to build a foundation for their e-learning platform.
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