Mobile Development

With advent of multiple screen sizes, mobile app development has seen a sharp increase in its user base. Targeting mobile customers is an integral part of any online marketing strategy. Mobile apps are a powerful way to interact with clients on the go.
Today, businesses use mobile apps to provide more “on-the-go” consumer activities and to deliver real time value to its customers. Our mobile app development services aim to provide end-to-end business solutions to our clients and serve their customers an integrated business eco-system.
At Tekanalysts, we aim to create cross-platform mobile applications to the testing and deployment of large-scale applications over native screen interfaces dealing with complex server-side communication.

A Mobile Solution For Every Business

At Tekanalysts, we believe it is time for every business to jump on the mobile bandwagon. We work across platforms, environments and frameworks to ‘mobilize’ your brand. We create the perfect app right from the concept stage to the final deployment stage. Each application is custom made. You get to ride on the mobile app wave with high quality feature apps that truly deliver on the promise.


Our technical team works on mobile applications through the most potent tools available. From general SDKs to the high-end software such as Phonegap and Rhodes, we manage them all.


Tekanalysts Provides

  • Enterprise mobile solutions

  • Mobile Websites

  • Business apps development

  • Tablet Apps and Websites

  • Consumer Apps Development

  • Mobile game development



We develop and launch apps on the iOS platform. This operating system for Apple products is developed for iPhone to other Apple niche products. There are 500,000+ mobile apps in the Apple App Store. Up until now, the downloads have crossed the 25 billion mark collectively. Multi-Touch gestures and direct are a part of the intelligent UI which further boosts the functional quotient of Apple devices.



This open source alliance headed by Google is a Linux based operating system. This is slowly surpassing Apple’s iOS as the most used platform in the world. There is a large number of Android developers creating equally large numbers of apps swelling the Android App Store. The functionality and features offered by the Android platform are right there at the top.


Windows Phone

Windows Phone is the successor to the famed Windows Mobile platform. This mobile operating system boasts many new functions and a new creative approach to the mobile world. Launched in 2010, the new user interface was taken to the heart by many consumers. Microsoft now offers this system on many other mobile devices and platforms.


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