E-Commerce Solutions

Online shopping is the next big thing after the internet itself.
The idea of ordering everything online has now taken real shape after years of failed attempts.
With more secure payment gateways and interactive online places to shop, ecommerce has come a long way.
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Exhaustive e-commerce
Our ecommerce solutions use the most widely accepted standards in the industry. Be it a large organization of small businesses to startups, we create ecommerce solutions that cater to a wide range of industries. Our ecommerce websites are meant to deliver high performance no matter the size of the business. Our customers get a ready-to-use online storefront, multiple payment support and shipping options. Add unlimited products, complete inventory control and promotional tools and you have a winning system at hand.


In-Built Content Management
There’s no need to be immersed in content. Our ecommerce websites and softwares have built-in content management systems. This means you can edit, create and publish a host of content including surveys, web pages, contact forms, customer testimonials and much more. Menu builder options allow users to make a navigation that users find convenient to use.

Search Engine Optimized
What’s ecommerce without search engine promotion. Our ecommerce solutions come with search engine friendly features that give your business the much-needed initial boost. There’s a host of features such as optimized meta tags, search engine friendly URLs, simple layouts and Google sitemap. All these small factors lead to an improved web presence and general search engine friendliness.


Customizable PHP Software
Most of our ecommerce solutions utilize MySQL to manage data. Smart templates are used to further increase the website’s looks. The modular and scalable nature of the system makes it open to new changes and modern architecture technologies. The flexibility offered by this scalable architecture ensures that you can always customize your ecommerce services as per the changing times.


State-of-the-art Security
We offer high level security in our shopping platforms to ensure that the customer’s private information is not leaked onto public space. Our solutions adhere to Level 1 PCI compliant guidelines. Plus we offer 128 bit SSL encryption that further improve the credit card data security.
Tekanalysts brings to the table expertise and skills that make ecommerce solutions the next stage of online shopping and financial transactions. Our custom ecommerce solutions cater to a wide range of industry with secure and interactive online commerce arena.
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